Fashion Styling + Fashion Writing
Creative Direction

[ɔlivje mɔʁɛ̃ʒ] Berlin 


instagram @stylistolivier page

editorial styling

VANITY TEEN Magazine | London
ELLE | Serbia
NUMÉRO | Berlin | Russia

L'OFFICIEL Baltics | Lithuania

L'OFFICIEL Australia
ΠMagazine | Berlin
VOGUE Man | Arabia
FRENCH FRIES Magazine | Milano
KODD Magazine | Paris
THE FORUMIST | Stockholm

HUF Magazine | International
SOLA Magazine | San Francisco

REFINERY29 | Berlin
YOKO Magazine | Paris
SPECTR Magazine | Cologne

BOYFRIEND Magazine | London
MITH Magazine | New York City
KALTBLUT Magazine | Berlin

DESIGN SCENE Magazine | London

CLIENT Magazine | London
PURPLEHAZE Magazine | Berlin


celebrity styling

actress CARO CULT Berlinale February 2020

singer songwriter LISIENA  Copenhagen Fashion Week February 2020

model FRANZISKA KNUPPE Berlin Fashion Week January 2020

germany's next topmodel-model TRIXI GIESE Berlin Fashion Week January 2020
singer songwriter LISIENA Berlin Fashion Week January 2020
reality artist SIGNE PIERCE for Biennale Venice 2019
singer songwriter LISIENA  Berlin Fashion Week July 2019
singer songwriter LISIENA Place to B Awards 2019
singer songwriter LISIENA London Fashion Week September 2019


commercial styling
SONY Music Entertainment | Moscow
H&M Lab Germany | Berlin - Nürnberg - Hamburg

NINE eyewear | Denmark - Berlin


costume department:

PARA - WIR SIND KING (2020) by Ögzur Yildrim | production: Wiedemann & Berg
GANZ UNTEN (2020) by Frédérique Veith (ARTE)
THIS IS THE GREATEST SHOW (2020) | MUSICAL | Capitol Theater Düsseldorf

OVERDOSE (2020) by Ilka Sparringa | production: Free Vision Pictures GmbH

WHOS IS GONNA SAVE US (2020) by Adam Munnings | Production: Le Berg 

I AM  (2018) by Adam Munnings | production: Cleo Spiro | BERLINALE 2018


fashion writing
Numéro Berlin | Off One's Rocker Publishing Ltd. Berlin | OOR Studios
Fräulein Magazine | Off One's Rocker Publishing Ltd. Berlin |  OOR Studios
Refinery29 | Germany | Vice Media Group | Fashion Week street style reporting


casting production
Salt & Lime Media | Los Angeles | Berlin:
Red Wing Shoes USA "Out of Fashion" Campaign (2020)
Facebook Germany "Father's Day" Campaign (2020)
Facebook Germany "More Together" Campaign 2020


experience strategy design

H&M Mitte Garten, Berlin | H&M Lab

photo exhibition
HAZE GALLERY | Fashion Print Exhibition 'Colours' | Berlin | 2019 (fashion editorial: Gelbsucht)


complete portfolio + vita on request